Financial Goal Attainment Limited ( FGA ) was launched on Monday 1st December 2014.

It is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience providing answers to client’s financial needs and objectives.

During that time the team had learned that most clients are sensible and realistic about what can and cannot be achieved. They also understand that in any investment, as in life generally, short term fixes rarely work out in the long run.

FGA cares for the financial affairs and aspirations of individuals, small businesses and Family Trusts.

It takes care to help its clients avoid the worst fluctuations of the Stock-Markets, inflation, ever changing tax regimes and the misfortunes that life can spring upon your hopes and wishes.

With many of our clients, our relationship goes back more than 30 years which means that we have both come to know and trust each other.

To ensure that we Treat you, our Clients , Fairly we invite participation, by elections, for our clients on a Supervisory Board. The purpose of that Board is for our clients to give FGA guidance as to our strategy and processes in respect of how we deal with you.