Since 1988, when formal regulation was introduced it has quite rightly been based around ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected from the deliberately unscrupulous. The unforeseen consequence of this has been that the underlying assumptions used mean that ALL clients are treated as vulnerable and ALL advisers are assumed to be deliberately unscrupulous. This lowest common denominator approach causes an explosion in bureaucracy which does not help either you, the client, faced with mountains of paper or ourselves with the costs of producing that paper. This prevents many clients from reading the important documents.

With many of our clients, our relationship goes back more than 20 years which means that we both come to know and trust each other.

FGA has been set up to recognise that reality of the relationship and so to serve our clients’ needs more precisely, individually and effectively.

To ensure that we Treat, you, our clients , Fairly we invite participation, by elections, for our clients on a Supervisory Board. The purpose of that Board is for our clients to give FGA guidance as to our strategy and processes in respect of how we deal with you.

In this way the principle of “ Treating Customers Fairly “ is enshrined in all that we at FGA do for you right from the off.